Contact Information

Dr. Derming Duh,
Regional Director for EFCI-Asia


Taipei, Taiwan


Languages:  English, Chinese


2012 EFCI Regional Directors




18,000 - 20,000 adherents in 267 churches


Evangelical Friends Churches of Asia consist of churches and Yearly Meetings in 15 different ministries in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan and other nations in southeast Asia. There are over 177 worshipping groups with 18,000 to 20,000 worshippers.

Asia's Regional Director is Dr. Derming Duh. Pastor Duh is an honored and respected leader among Taiwanese Friends and has traveled to several locations to visit other Asian Friends. He is eager to encourage unity and common purposes among evangelical Friends scattered in south and east Asia. He was elected to his position as Regional DIrector in 2010, following John Vanlalhriata (Nepal) and Jaime Tabingo (Philippines) who have served in this position in earlier years.


Evangelical Friends Church Southwest started a mission work in Cambodia in June of 1995. Friends churches are now meeting in the Battambang and Phnom Penh areas with approximately 400 worshippers

Hong Kong

Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region has recently started an outreach to Filopinos working in Hong Kong. They have two worshipping groups with over 50 in attendance.


Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region founded a mission in 1896 in the Bundelkhand area of central India. Bundelkhand has some 100 - 200  believers. At the main Friends center in Chhatarpur there is a hospital, an English school and an Hindi school. In February 1996, Chhatarpur mission celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In cooperation with EFM, outreaches are succeeding in five other locations in north India, northeast India, west India, and south India. There are a total of about 30 worshipping groups plus numerous cell groups, encouraging over 2,500 believers.


Southwest Yearly Meeting started a mission work in Indonesia in 1987. They now have an estimated 25 churches with a membership of about 1,800. Indonesia has granted full recognition to the Friends Church which functions as a recognized Yearly Meeting.


In 1994 John Vanlalhriata, an Indian national began Friends ministry in Nepal. There are now over 65 congregations and worshipping groups with over 4,000 worshippers total in the Kathmandu area and in villages in the south and west. Nepal has several full-time workers and has formed two Yearly Meetings to administer ministry.


The Philippine Evangelical Friends Church began its work through the initiative of the leaders of the Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region in 1978. It now has 40 organized churches and worshipping groups with over 1,500 attendees. The Evangelical Friends International recognized it as a yearly meeting in 1995. In that same year, it was officially registered with the Philippine government.


In 1953 Eastern Region (USA) began working in Taiwan. The Taiwanese Friends became a Yearly Meeting in 1977. Currently, Taiwan has over 53 churches with over 5000 worshippers. They send missionaries and workers on long and short-term missions to train leaders in Nepal, India, the Philippines and other outreach points.